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Non-means-tested Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-secondary Students

About the Scheme

To encourage more post-secondary students, both local and non-local, in Hong Kong to pursue exchange activities in the Mainland, the Education Bureau introduced Non-means-tested Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-secondary Students (hereinafter referred to as “Non-means-tested MES), starting from July 2019.


  • Eligible Programmes:​

    • For programmes commencing between Sep 1, 2023 - Aug 31, 2024

    • Outbound exchange activity comprising substantive teaching and learning elements to be held in the Mainland; and

    • lasting for at least 5 days; and

    • organized and/or endorsed by HKU.

Note:  Internship and volunteer work will NOT be considered as eligible exchange activities.

  • Eligible Students:

    • All students (both local or non-local) enrolled in full-time UNDERGRADUATE programmes in HKU at the time of application and throughout the duration of the subsidized exchange activity.

    • Each undergraduate student can receive subsidy under the Scheme ONCE only, irrespective of the amount of subsidy they receive.

Funding Scope

  • For each exchange activity, the maximum amount of subsidy is calculated by adding up the subsidy under (a) and (b) below. HKU reserves the right to adjust the actual amount of subsidy downwards, based on the actual expenses and existence of other subsidy/sponsorship granted to the students, etc.

NMES Funding Table.jpg


If a local or non-local student joins an exchange activity in the Mainland for 95 days, the maximum subsidy to be granted would be $8,400 (i.e. (a)$900+(b)$7,500).​​

  • The duration of an exchange activity should cover the period from the commencement date to the completion date. Travelling time back and forth between Hong Kong and the exchange destination should NOT be counted towards the duration of the exchange activity.

  • Students who have previously received assistance from other scholarships or support schemes wholly or partly funded by the Government, e.g. Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme, are also eligible to apply for the Non-means-tested MES.

  • Subsidy of the Scheme is provided on a reimbursement basis to eligible students.

  • Students’ applications for the subsidy is on a voluntary base.

Application for Reimbursement

  • Students should complete their applications online and upload the documents required within one month after the completion of the programme for reimbursement.

  • For programmes commencing between September 1, 2023 - August 31, 2024:

  • You should prepare the following documents to be uploaded to the online application platform:

    • UID copy, if you are in the final year student

    • Proof of completion of the programme with your name visible on the document (e.g. certificate of completion, transcript, email from host/ faculty confirming your completion) (if required)

    • Programme itinerary (if required)

    • Receipts for reimbursement item(s)

      • Programme Fee​

      • Airfare, train fare and/ or other transportation fees to and from the destination region (one return trip only) 

      • Accommodation fee

      • Insurance and/ or medical expenses

      • Visa application fee

    • Sharing in English (at least 300 words)

    • Activity photos (5 photos with at least 300 dpi)


  • Applications will be processed on a rolling basis all year round.

  • Late submissions or incomplete applications will NOT be entertained.


​​For further information, please contact Mainland Affairs Office at

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