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Chen Guiyun, Faculty of Science

Programme: Chongqing and Bayu Summer Camp

Partner Institution: Southwest University

Period: June 11—18, 2023

Filled with anticipation and curiosity, I was privileged to join a team and participate in the Chongqing-Bayu Cultural Tour Summer Camp. I was deeply attracted to this city, which is rich in historical heritage and cultural charm.

When our group arrived at Southwest University, the volunteers warmly welcomed us, making us feel at home. Despite spending only a week together, we formed strong friendships as we exchanged cultural differences between our two regions.

In the following days, we visited many famous historical sites, such as Hongya Cave, XianNv Mountain, Diaoyu City, Ciqikou, and other places that I had only heard about online. It was a breathtaking experience to witness the beauty of these places in person. The Three Natural Bridges, in particular, made me forget the fatigue and hardship of climbing, as I was mesmerized by the unique and magnificent views.

Moreover, Chongqing is passionate. Not only the hot and spicy food, but also the frankness of Chongqing people. As a first-time eater of Sichuan cuisine, I was surprised by the spiciness of the hotpot broth. The fragrant and spicy flavors burst in my mouth, leaving a lasting impression. Of course, there are also other delicious Sichuan and Chongqing cuisines that are equally irresistible. Once when we got lost, the taxi driver even gave us a free ride to the subway station. The warmth and straightforwardness of the people of Chongqing add to the charm of this city.


Lastly, we had the privilege of attending lectures and handicraft workshops on the campus of Southwest University. The professor also joined us on a field trip to introduce the geomorphology of the Three Natural Bridges, which made me feel even more impressed by nature's magic work. With detailed and vivid explanations from the professors, I felt the strong academic atmosphere and humanistic sentiments of this university, which also deepened my understanding of Chongqing's history and economic situation.


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