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Kong Ziqin, HKU Business School

Programme: Fudan University SOE Online Winter School

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: December 19, 2022 – January 8, 2023

I have experienced the different class patterns and marking methods of mainland Chinese schools compared to Hong Kong schools. I experienced the atmosphere of studying at Fudan and the lecturers' careful explanation and analysis of the content of the specialist courses.

What I remember most about the program was the process of signing up on my own. We had to learn about and research the conversion course, which honed our ability to gather information. At the same time, because we had some course group work projects, this activity allowed me to meet people from other schools as well. While studying the course with them, I also learned from their strengths. For my marketing course, we designed software in just a week or two. During the process, we discussed and shared our ideas with other groupmates and learned new things during the preparation process. We also learned about the way different people prepare their presentations. For example, we could write down what we wanted to say in advance so that we could be more precise with our timing during the rehearsals, and our group could have a better performance, and we did achieve good results in the end.

One of the main differences between the course and our school is that the teachers interact with the students and guide them to ask questions and solve problems. The professors and teaching assistants are very prompt in giving feedback and grades for each test and assignment. This allows us to adapt our learning style to our problems quickly. After each step, we have direct access to the professor and teaching assistant to promptly ask questions about the assignment or exam. This has improved our learning efficiency and effectiveness.

Although it was only three weeks, I learned about as much as I would have in a regular semester, and the intensity of the study has even improved my stress tolerance and time management skills.  


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