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Tan Yanzhen, Faculty of Law

Programme: Fudan University International Summer Session

2023 - Shanghai

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: July 5—August 1, 2023

This summer, I was fortunate to participate in a program hosted by Fudan University, thanks to the ChinaVision organization. The knowledge I've gained from the three courses—International Investment Law, International Finance, and Corporate Finance—has been invaluable. These subjects, while challenging, broadened my perspective, sharpening my understanding of global economic systems and business interactions.

The lectures were delivered by proficient educators who integrated both theory and real-world scenarios, enabling us to grasp the complex constructs of international law and finance. The collaborative environment fostered at Fudan University encouraged open discussions, allowing us to debate, brainstorm, and acquire different viewpoints on various topics.

Beyond the academic rigor, the summer program was enriched with various cultural and social activities. Our trip to Suzhou was a blend of historical immersion and natural beauty. The serene gardens and ancient architecture were a refreshing counterbalance to the intensity of our studies. The acrobatic show displayed the exceptional talent and precision of the performers, demonstrating the richness of Chinese culture.

The ice-breaking activities and city trip offered opportunities to form bonds with fellow students from diverse backgrounds. Sharing experiences and learning from each other became a valuable part of my time at Fudan. The Huangpu River Cruise was a memorable experience, allowing us to admire the Shanghai skyline and its stunning night view. As we bid farewell at the party, I looked back at the intense learning and personal growth that characterized this summer program.

In conclusion, my summer at Fudan University has been a deeply enriching experience both academically and culturally. I extend my gratitude to ChinaVision for this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to applying the knowledge and experiences gained in my future endeavors.


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