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Wang Chenxu, HKU Business School

Programme: Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance: 2020 Fall Internship in Shanghai

Partner Institution: Shanghai-Hong Kong University Alliance

Period: October - December, 2020

This Shanghai internship programme offered me an opportunity to work in the corporate finance department of Shanghai Bluetown Real Estate, responsible for real estate project fund raising and sales of real estate trust asset management products.

My mentor was a senior manager in a bank and gave me a comprehensive training as a client manager, allowing me to experience the entire process of his daily work. Although this job is very glamorous on the surface, that I accompanied clients to Yangcheng Lake to eat hairy crabs, went to Wuxi to play golf, and visited real estate projects in different cities, this achievement is accumulated by the mentor’s struggle over the past few decades. For a novice, my daily job is to constantly call to acquire new customers every day and accumulate my own customer base, which requires a lot of personal communication skills. Although I did not reach a deal during the internship, I met many high-net-worth clients, learned a lot of negotiation and marketing skills, and clarified the direction of my work after graduation.

Secondly, this project also arranged visits to Huazhu Club and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China. Out of my love of travel, I am very interested in hotels and flights. This visit gave me a deeper understanding of hotel design and management and I am also proud of the technological advancement of the motherland and the ability to independently develop large aircraft C919.


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