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Wong Wai, HKU Business School

Programme: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao & 'The Belt and Road

Initiative' Study Camp

Partner Institution: Shanghai International Studies University

Period: October 31—November 4, 2022

It is my pleasure to enroll in 'The Belt and Road Initiative‘ Study Camp, where I can become familiar with the Belt and Road project. The tight schedule provided me with a fruitful experience and great exposure to China's vision, how China plays an important role in the world, and how China helps different countries tackle obstacles.

Frankly, it was an interesting trip that I had never experienced before. This study camp helped me build up my analytical skills and broaden my horizons in ways that I could not learn from books, which is very meaningful for me to know more about China. Also, I built connections with students from various backgrounds.

The most impressive session was when the guest speaker introduced China-Africa relations. He utilized interesting Chinese history anecdotes to present the PowerPoint slides, which was quite effective in familiarizing local students with Chinese history they might not know and enriching the content of the presentation. Furthermore, there was a great interactive learning experience for me and other students. Although this program was conducted online, it was still effective and efficient. Students were active in raising questions and interacting with guests. This scheme brought us together and allowed us to share and exchange our insights, as well as understand modern Chinese history, which is precious for students.


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