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Zhou Nan, HKU Business School

Programme: Fudan University SOE: Online Winter School

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: December 21, 2020 - January 10, 2021

Through the 3-week immersive online learning at Fudan University, I took two interesting courses: Introduction to Econometrics and Psychology and Life. This is a very intense and rewarding experience. I have learned from 2 experienced professors in the areas of economics and psychology. Both of them are very academic and provide really deep insight on the subjects we are learning. Through interaction with them and my classmates, though we cannot meet each other face to face, I have built up a kind of China vision that allows me to better immerse myself in the academic charisma and atmosphere of studying economics and psychology. This really provides me with a good taste of how scholars in Chinese universities conduct research and discuss academic topics.

In addition to the charisma mentioned above, I find another thing impressive about this programme is the interactive learning experience. This year it is quite special that the learning and teaching have to be conducted all online. However, this did not reduce the effectiveness of the class because the professors always think of active ways for us to participate in the live sessions. For example, in “Psychology and Life”, Professor Yang always raised questions during sessions such as how we think a group of people with certain mindset would react in a certain scenario. And I can always find people actively responding in Zoom’s chat box, which also encouraged me to participate actively in the courses. And every day before the class kicks off, there were small online quizzes to test our understanding on previous chapters. I find it a really useful way for me to learn as I can test myself. In all, the 3 weeks at Fudan SOE is a fulfilling and fruitful experience and I would highly recommend this programme to students of HKU.


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