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The University of Hong Kong’s educational philosophy of ‘experiential learning’ was the central tenet of its 2012 Curriculum Reform. The decision to incorporate this into its Teaching and Learning curriculum can be witnessed by how students are not confined to classrooms, libraries, laboratories or even the community. They are expected to go beyond the University’s walls to apply acquired knowledge to real-life issues both with practicality and innovation in mind; to extend this same knowledge, skills and resources beyond the campus and to establish lasting links with their peers on the international arena.
The China Vision Programme provides this opportunity to HKU students to visit Mainland China for such experiential learning. In the past years students have not just travelled to metropolitan areas such as Beijing and Shanghai to feel the pulse of China’s economic growth, but have also made their mark in remote villages. Students have actively participated in programmes that saw them building village schools in mountainous Guangxi, spending time with victims of the Sichuan earthquakes, teaching health-care courses at Gansu and other similar social service projects.
Students are encouraged to take advantage of the city’s geographical location - its being at the confluence of the East and West to bridge China and the World through its rich cultural heritage and economic standing. An understanding so formed, will be a useful tool for our students to contribute towards the future development of both regions.
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