(1) Application and Admissions Information

1.1 Am I eligible for the programmes? Is there any requirement?

Most of our programmes are open for admission to all HKU students. Yet some programmes might have a specific target participants based on the content. Please refer to the page of individual programme for details.

1.2 Can I apply for more than one programme at the same time?

Yes, you can. However, you have to select the preferred programme according to priority during the application process.

1.3 Can I apply for the programme which I had joined before?

Yes, you may while priority will be given to those who have not participated in any China Vision’s programme in previous years.

1.4 Do I need to take any language test (e.g. PSC Putonghua Proficiency Test, IELTS, TOEFL, etc) before the application?

No. In general, applicants are expected to be communicative and enjoy being with people. Some programmes and courses may specify additional requirements regarding applicants’ language ability. Make sure you check the relevant programme or course page on eligibility before you submit your application.

1.5 I am a final year student. Can I still apply for the programme?

Some programmes only allow non-final year students to apply. Please refer to the page of individual programme for details. If you have deferred your study, please provide the approval from your faculty showing that you are not final year student.

1.6 Is it possible for me to receive two offers in two different places at the same time?

Yes. Students will be asked to advice their preference once they have admitted to more than one programme.

1.7 If I find that I need to arrive late or leave early during the programme period, what should I do?

Withdrawal notice with a significant reason must be sent to MAO promptly.

1.8 If I find that I am not able to attend after applying the programme, when should I tell MAO? Is there any penalties?

Withdrawal notice with a significant reason must be sent to MAO promptly. For any subsequent withdrawal after signing the Letter of Admission, HKU may in its absolute discretion request the student to pay an administration fee amounted to HKD2,000 in the form of an official invoice issued by the University’s Finance and Enterprise Office.

1.9 Does MAO’s nomination guarantee my enrollment for the programme?

This is not guaranteed. MAO will nominate candidates to the host institutions. Yet the final decision will be made by the host institutions.

1.10 I am only interested in credit-bearing programmes that offer courses of a specific discipline. Can MAO guarantee my enrollment for that course?

MAO cannot guarantee enrollment for a particular course. Final decision will be made by the host institutions, and each institution will work along with the applicant to choose courses.

1.11 I have not received any response to my email. What should I do?

Normally it takes 5-8 working days for MAO to process your application, and 7 working days to review your interview performance. We tend to respond to each applicant within 15-20 working days after the application deadline.

1.12 My travel document has already expired/ is going to expire in less than 6 months. What document should I upload onto the application system?

It is essential for you to obtain a valid travel document before the programme starts. You should upload the most updated copy of “Home Return Permit” onto the application system, and state clearly in the file name, e.g. ‘HRP_Renew-On-20151131.pdf’. You should also inform MAO immediately ( once the document is ready.

1.13 What should I include in the Personal Statement? Should I write it in Chinese or English?

During the stage of online registration, you have to write a personal statement in either Chinese or English. Please describe your Chinese full name, educational background, and explain your interests in joining the programme(s) you are applying for, maximum of 1,000 words.

(2) Interview Information

2.1 When will I be informed after the application deadline?

Applicants will be invited to attend selection interviews and/or other selection processes as appropriate. Successful candidates generally receive an invitation of interview/ a confirmation within 1 month after the application deadline.

2.2 What should I wear for the interview?

Smart casual is an acceptable attire for our interview.

2.3 What are the criteria of selection?

Applicants will be assessed based on their interests, capability and other performances demonstrated.

2.4 What should I do if I am not availability for all the interview sessions as listed on the application system?

Students should be reminded that all interview arrangements will be considered as a part of the selection criteria, and interviews are held on a first-come, first-served basis. If you find yourself unavailable to attend any of the provided sessions, you have to select the option of "Not available for all the above sessions." Students selecting this option will only be considered in the second batch of interview invitation. And only shortlisted candidate will receive the second round of interview invitation.

(3) Financial Information

3.1 Do I need to pay any application fee?

No application fee is required by Mainland Affairs Office. However, some host institutions may charge certain amount of application fee. Please check the relevant programme page for details.

3.2 What is the cost I have to pay when joining the programme?

For programmes sponsored by HKU China 10,000 Exchange Programme, the programme fee will be covered by the host institution. Participants are responsible for other expenses including the transportation cost to the Mainland host institution, travel insurance, souvenirs, extra meals, etc.

(4) General Questions

4.1 Why should I join the China Vision Programme?

The China Vision Programme provides ample opportunities for you to visit Mainland China and learn through experience—the central tenet of The University of Hong Kong’s 2012 Curriculum Reform. You can go beyond the University’s walls to apply acquired knowledge to real-life issues, and establish lasting links with peers on the international arena.

4.2 What do I have to do if I’d like to join the Summer/ Winter Programme?

4.3 Can I arrive before or stay longer than the duration of the programme?

Yes, you can but you should inform Mainland Affairs Office about your next destination after the programme.

4.4 Where will I live during the trip?

For most cases, accommodation is provided by our partner universities in the Mainland. Please check the relevant programme page for details.

4.5 Is there any follow-up tasks after I completed the programme?

Within 10 days upon completing the programme, students should submit a sharing report and survey to the application system using the template. The sharing should be in English (300 words) and Chinese (300 words). Students are also required to submit the soft copy of 5 photos as one zipped file onto the application system. (This requiremnet is not applicable to online programmes.) Videos or short clips are welcomed, and can be submitted via email ( * Creative sharing and photos will be used in the University’s publication or website for promotion.

4.6 What if I am not physically or mentally healthy during the trip?

You MUST monitor your physical or mental condition, and decide whether you can continue with the programme or not. You should inform the teacher and the programme coordinator of the trip about your condition.

4.7 Is there any person responsible for my safety during the trip?

Students should take care of their own safety. The university insurance covers the activities in our programme time, and a maximum of 10 days of extension for personal trip arrangment. Students are encouraged to procure their own insurance based on individual’s needs. MAO highly recommend students to refer to the policy for undergraduates and postgraduates provided by Finance and Enterprise Office for reference.

4.8 When should I purchase the flight ticket?

After confirming the offer, you will be informed by Mainland Affairs Office about arrival details and the time to buy air tickets/ to arrange departure matters. Please be reminded that you should provide your round-trip ticket details to Mainland Affairs Office.

4.9 Will this programme help improve my Putonghua language proficiency?

The programmes are not designed to improve your Putonghua skills. Yet, for students whose native language is not Putonghua, do use this experience as a chance to practice your oral and listening skills. Students should be ready to listen to and speak in Putonghua.

4.10 Will I have opportunities to travel on my own?

Any time outside of class and required programme activities is your own time. Unless otherwise stated, programme activities are mandatory.

4.11 What is International SOS?

The University of Hong Kong is partnering with International SOS (Intl.SOS) to provide worldwide emergency support to all HKU students and staff. The Intl. SOS offers local expertise, preventative advice and emergency assistance through Intl.SOS network of assistance centres, clinics and health and logistics providers throughout the world. It is NOT an insurance policy; all expenses are either covered by the HKU Corporate Business Travel Insurance or your own travel insurance. For more Programme details, please refer to

4.12 What is the insurance arrangement of the University? How should I submit my claims?

Detailed insurance coverage and information are available on SIS (SIS menu > Financial Services > FEO info & hotlines > Finance and Enterprises Office > Insurance info for students).