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Cao Nuanyu, Faculty of Engineering

Programme: Fudan University SOE Online Winter School

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: December 19, 2022 – January 8, 2023

After completing the program, I gained a better understanding of the essential aspects of China's economic development. Before this course, I had little knowledge of what the word 'economy' meant, let alone 'China's Modern Economy'. However, after the professor's witty and insightful lectures and the TAs' detailed guidance, I not only gained useful knowledge but also envisioned a powerful and ever-developing Modern China, which aroused my interest in both the economics field and Chinese society.

The program was overall amazing. What impressed me the most was the use of online testing after each session rather than giving us homework after each class. Since exams are time-limited and expand on basic knowledge, this format can better assess what we genuinely learned from the lectures while inspiring questions and exercising the mind.

Personally, I really enjoyed the program. I used to overlook how history, culture, population, and even social norms can affect a country's economy, considering it as a solitary and purely mathematical concept. However, after the program, I resolved many biased mindsets and found interest in the subject. In my opinion, the manageable workload was just right for me to balance my winter life and learn new knowledge. I genuinely enjoyed this course.

As for what I want to share with the China Vision Team, I would like to say thank you first! This was an incredible experience that enriched my horizons. Furthermore, the time period was just right, allowing me to balance my holiday and learning. Lastly, I would like to make a small request—could you provide us with more choices? During this winter holiday, what was offered was Fudan's Business School. Perhaps next time we can have more options such as Engineering, Science, or, as a suggestion, Literature?

This was a fantastic program, and I sincerely hope that it can continue to develop and grow!!!


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