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Chan Sze Yin, Faculty of Science

Programme: Discover Lingnan Cultural Tour

Partner Institution: Shaoguan University

Period: April 7—10, 2023

After five years, I returned to the mainland to join this trip exploring my roots in Shaoguan, a city with a rich history and culture.


On the first day, I attended a lecture and watched a lion dance performance, learning a lot about the history of Lingnan immigrants and gaining insights. In the evening, a group of us participated in an orientation game. We were not familiar with the students from different universities, but after playing the game and chatting with them, we quickly found common topics and had a great time together.


On the second day of the trip, we visited Nanxiong City to see the ancient alley of Zhuji and the ancient road of Meiguan. There are many old houses and traditional stores, ancient pagodas, and stone walls, all of which bear the marks of history. This gave me a feeling of going back in time and experiencing the deep cultural heritage and unique atmosphere of Guangdong. After enjoying a rich lunch, we traveled to Meiguan Ancient Road. Although the hot sun made our hike more challenging, it did not dampen our enthusiasm to visit Meiguan. Along the way, we admired many ancient pavilions and stone plaques and marveled at the charm of the scenery.


The next day, we arrived at Shaoguan's famous Danxia Mountain, which has a unique landscape with many peculiar peaks, valleys, waterfalls, and caves. Walking between these peaks and valleys, one can see the magnificent scenery and strange stone shapes, which showcase the magic and wonder of nature and the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. The historical and cultural heritage and buildings, such as temples and ancestral halls, give you a sense of the cultural heritage and uniqueness of the place.


This trip was a very precious experience for me. Not only did I enjoy the spectacular scenery of the area, but I also met new friends, tasted the delicious local food, increased my knowledge of history and geography, and appreciated the beauty of the landscape and culture of the Lingnan region of China.


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