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Chen Zijun, HKU Business School

Programme: Leadership Camp in Shanghai & Hong Kong

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: June 26—July 5, 2023

This amazing program equipped me with advanced visions in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, covering topics from high-technology development and innovation to investment in traditional culture. We practiced our communication skills by interviewing founders of companies and visiting many entrepreneurs. The program also included several lectures, which inspired me to consider starting my own business. Even though it will be a challenging process with a long way to go, I became more determined after participating in this program.

The program also provided me with knowledge of leadership that will better support my goals and dreams. The base locations of Shanghai and Hong Kong are my top choices for a future career. The arrangement of leadership courses enhanced my management and leadership abilities, while the wine-tasting course provided me with opportunities for personal growth and networking. Having the chance to communicate face-to-face with leaders in various industries and local significant companies was a valuable experience that deepened my knowledge of future career and entrepreneurship opportunities. The business case analysis courses were also helpful in preparing me for future entrepreneurship and in developing a deeper understanding of the Web3.0 industry's future.

In addition, I made many friends from both Shanghai and Hong Kong, experiencing different teaching styles at Fudan University and The University of Hong Kong. I particularly enjoyed the lecture on "Challenges and Investment Prospects in the Age of Big Data," which discussed Cat GPT 4.0 and AI 2.0. The professor explained the business model and some technical background, providing us with deeper insights into the high-tech industry. Both the Chinese traditional teaching pattern and Hong Kong's international teaching style have their own advantages. The presentation on the watch company, a real case currently happening, offered a valuable opportunity to communicate with the founder's wife and provide business proposals for them.


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