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Chung Pui Hang Tiffany, Faculty of Law

Programme: Summer Workshop on Urban Development and Innovation

Partner Institution: Tsinghua University

Period: July 14 – 27, 2019

This trip has broadened my horizons to a large extent. I have never imagined a China Vision trip could be that intellectually stimulating. The challenges we have encountered in the 2019 Tsinghua University Summer Workshop concerning innovative ideas on future urban developments are numerous, but participants are mostly very talented and devoted into the job, and each is motivated to finish their work under a tight schedule. I am impressed by the attitude of all groups. Even though the groupwork topics might not be the most suitable for our interesting area, we all tried our very best in utilizing our knowledge in different professions to solve the difficulties we encountered. One thing I’ve learnt is how to communicate properly and effectively with my groupmates and to compromise on certain grounds. The whole point of brainstorming is not to judge or criticize other’s ideas in feasibility, but that to encourage creative solutions to address the societal problem directly and in an attempt to ‘invent’ something unprecedented.

Other than academic aspect, there was a weekend in the trip that allows us to visit the cultural site of Yi He Yuan, which is a famous garden of Empress Dowager in the Late Qing Dynasty. During the visit, we have gained knowledge on the history of Yi He Yuan and what has happened to China back in those ancient days, e.g. the Eight Powers Expedition. The shameful event has aroused my awareness and interest in the field of Chinese history. Though the weather in Beijing was scorching hot, we enjoyed the visits very well.

I have met numerous positive and inspirational people in this journey, and have earned countless good friends – with the hope of having some as lifelong friendships. The project and tight agenda all in all have brought us together and built a close connection between us.


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