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Fu Hing Yuen, Faculty of Education

Programme: Exploring Modern Chinese History in Harbin and Shenyang

Partner: Harbin Institute of Technology & Zhang Xueliang Foundation

Period: June 7 – 16, 2019

Through the trip of Exploring Modern Chinese History in Harbin and Shenyang, it deepened my understanding of Chinese history and gave me a thorough experience. Also, I could know more about these two cities’ special attractions, food, and recognized their custom as well. We visited various relics and exhibition halls in Heilongjiang Province. While listening to the guides' speeches and explanations, we could trace back previous historical events, muse over memories of the past, and expand our understanding of the history of Northeast China. For example, in the Heilongjiang Provincial Museum, I learnt about the history of this province and ethnic cultural relics. Furthermore, we also visited the Japanese Army's Unit 731 War Crimes Exhibition Hall, which displayed evidence of crimes in Japan’s bacteriological warfare and the 731 troops, it retained the site of the bacteriological warfare too. The Pingdingshan Massacre Memorial Hall, September 18th Historical Museum, etc., are filled with special and meaningful exhibits, the stone tablets engraved with the survivors' quotations remind us of the scourge of war, so that future generations can learn from them, remember and think about these historical events.

In addition, we also visited the special attractions of Heilongjiang Province, such as Harbin Central Street and Saint Sophia Cathedral. The European-style architecture and alleys are integrated with some traditional Chinese culture elements, they are really fantastic and magnificent. Moreover, Northeast Tiger Forest Park was another place that impressed me a lot, we saw different types of tigers and their living environment, through the exhibition hall and a series of Q&A sessions, which increased our knowledge of the tigers’ physiological structure and breeding process. In terms of food, there are many unique and delicious cuisines in Harbin and Shenyang. Such as red sausage, fried pork in scoop, spring pancake, etc. Additionally, local specialties: The Martyr popsicles ice-creams with different flavours are also mouth-watering. Besides, Harbin Beer is also famous. We were glad to have a chance of visiting the Beer Museum to learn about the earliest beer factory in China and the production process of Harbin Beer. We also knew more about how Harbin Beer became an international brand, signed contract with the NBA and become their marketing partner. There was a chance for us to taste Harbin Beer. It was a valuable and interesting experience. All in all, this trip is beneficial, we could not only visit the historical sites in Harbin and Shenyang, enhanced new generations’ understanding of history, but we should also bear in mind the sacrifices and contributions made by the previous generation. Furthermore, we could experience the unique customs and culture of these amazing places.


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