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Gu Jinying, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Programme: Heilongjiang Spirit Experience for Hong Kong and Macau

Youth Summer Camp

Partner Institution: Harbin Institute of Technology

Period: July 3—12, 2023

The Harbin Museum used to be the original government office building. It houses various cultural relics in its collection, which carry the special culture of Harbin and the city's human history. I can appreciate the intentions of the museum designers, who have showcased Harbin's development from the perspectives of urban planning, architecture, culture, military, religion, cuisine, folk customs, and other details. I could truly experience the variety of the "Oriental Little Paris."

At the 731 Museum, I learned that during the disintegration of the country, Chinese soldiers were fearless in the face of danger and difficulty. They endured harsh conditions, fought life-and-death battles with Japanese invaders to strive for national independence and freedom, and made great sacrifices. They wrote a magnificent, solemn, and stirring page in the history of China's anti-aggression wars. Meanwhile, the masses from Northeast China resisted strenuously without any fear of the powerful enemy. Armies of volunteers advanced forcefully in every corner of Northeast China, constructing a Great Wall of blood and flesh with their blood and lives to safeguard national dignity.

In the Beidahuang Museum, I learned that the people of Beidahuang are well-known worldwide for their painstaking efforts, pioneering and enterprising personality, their consideration of the greater good, and their selfless devotion. More than 70 years of hard work, coupled with more than 70 years of solidarity, has led three generations of Beidahuang people to polish the spirit of Beidahuang with their youth, blood, and even their entire lives, continuously promoting agricultural reforms and high-quality development.

Exploring the museum's treasures, I marveled at the giant mammoth, searched for furry rhinoceros, sought the Northeast urus, peeked at wild roe and deer, and observed wolves and foxes. I enjoyed the truly magical history of Northeast China. I felt as if I had crossed time and space, toured heaven and earth, mastered the present and the ancient, and observed the past and future.

From this tour, I genuinely understood the whole aspect of Northeast China and admired the culture and spirit over there.


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