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Ip Wing Yu, Faculty of Science

Programme: Fudan University: International Summer Session

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: July 4 – August 3, 2019

Before the trip, I had not been to mainland for 10 years already. Thus, I always thought it was not that modern, but turns out Shanghai is very advanced city. Local people are so nice and cultured. They are willing to give a helping hand when you ask them questions. Life there is so convenient. For instance, you can call for taxi and order food in a very short time by using Apps only. The local food also impressed me so much. It is surprisingly cheap and tasty.

The host was a brilliant organizer. It could always give a very quick response when the students asked for help in the WeChat group. Many interesting activities were well organized for us to participate, for example, city exploration, trip to Hangchou, farewell party, which created chances for us to communicate with the locals and understand their living culture more.

Studying in Fudan University was a memorable experience. The lecturers and TAs were very responsible. They encouraged students to ask questions, trying their best to provide the best teaching so that students could acquire knowledge in a good learning environment. Different from other short-term trips, this program enabled us to live in Shanghai for an entire month which made the experience more thrilling. In this month, we could arrange our own self-exploration in the city after lessons in Fudan University. Every one of us could explore Shanghai in different unique way. Thing I loved the most is the nightlife of Shanghai. Shanghai was a very beautiful place where people could enjoy their delicious meal and the splendid bund view at the same time. Finally, I would like to thank you China Vision Team for organizing such a wonderful trip for us. Through this trip, I have broadened my horizon and learnt much more about Shanghai, this charming place.


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