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Lam Chun Wai, Faculty of Education

Programme: International Organization Training Camp

in Northeast China

Partner Institution: Harbin Institute of Technology

Period: June 26—July 10, 2023

This program provided me with the opportunity to visit Harbin, the farthest city I had ever been to. I was amazed by the city's history as I traveled around, visiting museums, tasting local food, and viewing historical landmarks. Harbin's development has been influenced by its proximity to Russia, Korea, and Japan, which is evident in the Russian and Japanese architectural styles, as well as Korean-style foods. Witnessing such a fusion, similar to the Chinese and Western combination in Hong Kong, was impressive. I am glad to have joined this program, as it has helped me understand more about the modern development of China through this trip.

The trip's content was abundant, offering many opportunities for us to learn about Heilongjiang's history. We visited various museums in Harbin and Daqing, such as Unit 731, Iron Man Wangjinxi Memorial, and Xiao Hong Former Residence. These visits enabled us to learn about Harbin's history through war, past city development, and literature.

I really enjoyed the program as it allowed us to meet other university students from Harbin, Macau, and Mainland China. We met, learned, and explored the city of Harbin together. Our trip teacher from the Harbin Institute of Technology gave us the freedom to explore the city during our free time. As a result, we grouped with other peer students to visit famous landmarks such as the Songhua River Bridge, Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, and Sophia Church. The trip not only offered us a chance to broaden our horizons about China but also to extend our social network.

I would like to thank the China Vision Team for the pre-departure talk and gift before our visit to Harbin. The support offered by China Vision was helpful and sufficient, as the HKU jacket really helped me stay warm during Harbin's midnight hours. Additionally, we were able to seek assistance through the WeChat channel, which is crucial since WhatsApp is forbidden in China.


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