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Lam Ka Yue, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Programme: Summer Camp in Three Gorges

Partner Institution: Chongqing University

Period: July 20 – 27 , 2019

Being immersed into this programme, I have acquired much knowledge on Bayue culture especially architectural and urban planning which are greatly related to the historical background and geographical features of Chongqing. I have been amazed by the wisdom of old Chinese on how they adapted to the ever-changing landscapes and the rising water level of the Three Gorges with such efficient plan in moving towns to new locations for environmental and urban preservations. Moreover, the activities reminded me a lot on the significant masterpieces written by a large variety of Chinese poem writers that we have known since we were in childhood. Appreciating the light show with Chinese poems as the main theme near Baidicheng, a famous Chinese ancient town filled with the uniqueness of Chinese literature, we could understand more on how ideas of poems came into those writers' minds, bringing us to the creative atmosphere that they experienced in the past Chinese dynasties.

The most impressive part of the programme to me must be the boat tours to visit and look around the remarkable sceneries of the Three Gorges and mountains that are renowned for the unique landscapes of the area. We have miraculous moments in taking nice photos of magnificent views, enjoying in capturing every unique scene along with the moving boat. Some old practices introduced by the tour guide in fact amazed us, for instance, hanging the coffins over the steep cliff of mountains around the Three Gorges as there were people living around the rivers in the ancient times, which are quite new historical ideas to me as I have never heard of such practice in Chinese tradition. All of this kind of cultural experience have actually increased my motivation in taking more opportunities in learning more on Chinese culture and history through field studies. In riding on the small boat to the “Little Three Gorges”, the boatman performed singing a traditional song to us, which is another cultural highlight of the activity that I appreciate a lot.


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