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Lau Hong Yi, Faculty of Engineering

Programme: A Journey through the Beauty of Danxia and

the Treasures of Yao Medicine

Partner Institution: Shaoguan University

Period:June 1—6, 2023

During this journey, I attended a lecture on traditional Chinese medicine, which gave me a deeper understanding of this field. While preparing herbal cuisine together, I had the opportunity to interact with different people and learn about their cultures, leaving a lasting impression on me. Visiting the Yao Ethnic Culture Museum provided me with a more profound insight into the Yao culture.

One of the highlights was my visit to the Guangdong Grand Canyon, where I challenged myself by taking a difficult route to reach the bottom and admire the waterfall. Despite the strenuous uphill and downhill journey, I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded by nature. In the last two days, we learned about identifying medicinal herbs and visited the Yangyuan Stone at the foot of Danxia Mountain, enriching my knowledge further. Even as someone who usually dislikes waking up early, I managed to get up at dawn and take the cable car up to Danxia Mountain to witness the sunrise. It was there that I encountered an adorable cat that kept showering me with affection, bringing me great joy.

Looking back on the entire journey, despite my continuous physical discomfort, I have collected numerous unforgettable memories. I will never forget the evening spent eating supper and playing cards with my fellow group members, as well as the moment we set off at 4 a.m. to witness the sunrise. These memories will always be cherished in my heart.


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