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Lau Ka Ying, Faculty of Arts

Programme: Dali Go! Competition

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: July 3 -14, 2019

I have joined quite a few of Mainland exchange tours and business competitions before, yet I would say this Dali Go Competition was a very special experience as it was a mix of exchange and innovative entrepreneurship competition. Participants from Hong Kong, Macau, Dali and Shanghai came together and randomly arranged in different groups. During the 12 days, the organization hosted a variety of visits to let us explore about Dali, such as visits to Dali firm, agricultural farm, traditional cultural exchange. These visits were very helpful since each team had to choose “travel/ agricultural product” related to Dali as the topic, and then required to write a business proposal, a design demonstration board and a public presentation on the final day.

My team chose Dali compressed tea as our topic and emerged with Yunnan’s traditional handicraft Rattan. At first, there were some obstacles as we were not familiar with the business model and the knowledge of Yunnan’s agricultural products. Fortunately, we divided the work according to each teammate’s strength. For example, teammate who is good at designing helped to design the product, and I had experience in writing business proposal before so I helped to write the proposal part. Luckily, my team was the first runner up and we felt that the hard work paid off. Not only had I learnt about the skills of participating business case competition, but also the insightful travel experience in Dali.


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