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Lo Yeuk Hin, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Programme: Chongqing and Bayu Summer Camp

Partner Institution: Southwest University

Period: June 11—18, 2023

This trip was a fruitful and rewarding experience. We not only traveled to various attractions in Chongqing, learning about the history, culture, and geographical features of the city, but also formed friendships with students from Chongqing, Hong Kong, and Macau. Through interacting with local students, we got to know more about the lives of peers in Mainland China and engaged in diverse conversations to learn more about each other. We experienced the fervent culture of the city through the locals' hospitality and spicy cuisine.

Apart from attending lectures taught by enthusiastic professors, we visited the Hechuan Fishing City, where we learned more about the history of Chongqing and its role in war. We also watched an impressionistic performance about boat trackers in the past. It was not only impressive but also meaningful since it conserved the past heritage of local boat trackers before mechanized ships were introduced. In addition, we appreciated the beauty of Chongqing, a city built on mountains and shrouded in mist. The natural scenery in Wulong, the majestic mountains in Xiannü Shan, and the karst landscape in Furong Dong are simply stunning.

After experiencing the uniqueness of Chongqing, I appreciate the tenacity, enthusiasm, and candor of its people despite its stressful geographical environment and historical turmoil. Although Chongqing and Hong Kong share similarities such as the abundance of mountains, they are so different in terms of culture. I also enjoyed the campus life of university students in Mainland China; the substantial campus allows students to socialize in a harmonious and youthful atmosphere. I was also impressed by the comprehensive digitization of everyday life in Mainland China, from purchases to transportation. The utility and convenience provided by a smartphone are greatly enhanced, which is yet unfamiliar in Hong Kong.

Therefore, this program was truly memorable and exciting. Despite a somewhat busy agenda, I appreciated various aspects of Chongqing and met friends from different backgrounds. In the future, I hope to visit more cities in China, communicate with people from different places, and experience their culture.


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