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Su Huimin, HKU Business School

Programme: Course on Translation

Partner Institution: Shanghai International Studies University

Period: June 4—12, 2023

The high-quality teachers of the School of Advanced Translation and English at Shanghai International Studies University gave us a number of special lectures, ranging from literary translation to film translation to legal text translation. From professional translation to interpretation skills to simultaneous interpretation, the translation skills are excellent. In the lectures, I learned a lot of new knowledge about translation, mastered many translation skills, and realized the hardship and toil needed to do a good job in translation.

At the Shanghai-Hong Kong Student Exchange Fair, we had a great time communicating with students from Shanghai International Studies University. From macro to micro, we approached each other step by step, got familiar with each other little by little, talked about their study and life, interests and hobbies, and also introduced their beautiful hometown. After the exchange meeting, the students made new friends and established new friendships.

For this trip to Shanghai, I have learned a lot. The style of the famous teachers of Shanghai International Studies University, the friendliness of the classmates, and the city style of Shanghai have all left a deep impression on me. It is an unforgettable learning trip.


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