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Wang Meixuan, HKU Business School

Programme: Fudan University SOE: Online Fall School

Partner Institution: Fudan University

Period: September 5 – December 2, 2022

To be honest, before the class, I did not expect it to be very good or amazing. I anticipated a normal class with average teaching quality. However, after starting the class, I realized I was wrong, and the whole course was much better than I had imagined. I found it to be very beneficial in terms of learning, gaining knowledge, and interacting with teachers and students from different countries and schools. I acquired a lot of seemingly esoteric but practical knowledge from the weekly course. This combination of theory and real-life application is what I personally found most appealing and growth-inducing about this class.

In addition to the main course, I also discovered there are many other courses available, such as programming in Python, cultural studies, psychology, and more. Such a diverse curriculum demonstrates the high quality of education at Fudan University and the patience and responsibility they have towards their students. I am also very grateful to the University of Hong Kong for giving me the opportunity to participate in the entire course and collaborate with students from other universities.

Although there were no group assignments or groupings throughout the course, I developed strong friendships with several classmates who have been great partners in my learning journey. I must admit that the knowledge in this course is quite challenging, almost beyond my range, but I believe I can succeed as long as I try my best. With hard work, I hope to achieve a good result.

Therefore, I will also actively recommend the course to my friends and classmates so that they can participate in such learning activities and become better versions of themselves.


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