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Yuen Wing Tung, Faculty of Arts

Programme: PKU Summer School

Partner Institution: Peking University

Period: July 1—August 5, 2023

During the summer school at Peking University, I took a course on the general theory of Confucian classics, which introduced me to philology. Confucian classics come in many forms, including "The Analects of Confucius," "The Great Learning," "The Doctrine of the Mean," and other books, which chronicle Confucian experts' viewpoints on life, ethics, and politics. These texts are an important component of Chinese culture. As a result of studying the material, I gained a deeper understanding of the Confucian philosophy of dealing with others. I also improved my ability to recognize the correct historical context by studying and proofreading the sentence readings, annotations, and versions of the documents. Exploring various versions of Confucian classics broadened my historical traceability and vision of the text, providing me with new perspectives on Chinese history and culture. Another course, "Internet: A New Communication Ecosystem for Education," helped me understand the evolution of human history and education from a broader perspective. The professor emphasized the connection between artificial intelligence and ancient civilizations in class, and she also stressed the importance of designing educational programs that are both inspiring and useful. Developing these skills has been valuable for me to enhance my critical thinking and design my own educational programs.

Regarding cultural exchanges and educational excursions, I gained more knowledge about China's historical and cultural background and the crucial function of the Great Wall in guarding and protecting national unity from foreign invasions by visiting the Great Wall. I was equally astounded by the Great Wall's grandeur and distinction. Visiting the 798 Art District allowed me to experience more personally how various forms of art, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and installation art, represent the thoughts of the artist and provoke public contemplation. By attending an exhibition concerning art, modernity, and gender relations, I gained a deeper understanding of these topics. When visiting the Ming Tombs, I comprehended the imperial system and funeral practices of the Ming Dynasty, and I felt the grandeur of ancient Chinese culture and the royal family, observing the neatness of trees and learning about the symbols and history of each animal.


Finally, I'd like to thank Peking University and the University of Hong Kong for providing me with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the profundity of Chinese culture through classroom instruction and field visits, allowing me to become a more knowledgeable and well-rounded individual.


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