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Zhang Demei, HKU Business School

Programme: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao & 'The Belt and Road

Initiative' Study Camp

Partner Institution: Shanghai International Studies University

Period: October 31—November 4, 2022

After enrolling in this Treasure Course, I was inspired by different professors from Shanghai International Studies University. The course is divided into five sections, with professors from various backgrounds invited to speak. All of them are very passionate about their area of study, and their thinking is inspiring. The teachers are well-versed in the concepts of the topic, and they provide numerous useful examples for us to understand the benefits and limitations of the policy.

After taking the course for a week, I felt that my horizons had broadened significantly, especially when I listened to Mr. Xu's talk about the Belt and Road exchanges between China and Africa. Many of my misunderstandings and prejudices were lifted. Not only did I learn more about the diplomatic, economic, and humanistic significance of China’s One Belt One Road policy, but it also eliminated my great-power arrogance and made me more humbly accept China’s current situation in the world.

I am very grateful for participating in this project. In the process of listening to the teacher's lecture, I not only gained knowledge but also appreciated the teacher's personal charm, setting more examples for future study and life. After taking this course, I will read more books about China's Belt and Road process and further apply this ideology to my daily life. In the future, I will also share my vision related to this topic with my schoolmates and friends.

I believe I gained knowledge from different cultural aspects and perspectives through this program. China Vision’s programs provide me with the opportunity to attend courses at other excellent universities in Shanghai, which will help me study from different viewpoints apart from the university I am studying at now. Through these kinds of communication and information-sharing opportunities, I believe I gained more knowledge than I could from books. Moreover, I can better understand global perspectives.

Next time when I see new programs on the China Vision website like this one, I will be very willing to join these kinds of programs with my friends. I genuinely appreciate the experience I have gone through, and I feel more confident to discuss topics related to this subject with others.


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