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Cai Heqi, HKU Business School

Programme: Tsinghua Global Online Summer School

Partner Institution: Tsinghua University

Period: July 20 - 28, 2020

Tsinghua Summer School 2020 didn’t focus on one area in courses, such as a course named Chinese Economy. Still, it separated the whole topic related to the post-pandemic world into nine academic areas. With the introduction of new changes and perspectives in all these nine directions, like artificial intelligence, how to be an effective online learner, and global governance, I found how China has done to adapt to a new world rule due to the hit of COVID-19. China has immediately responded to all possible outcomes and transferred old routines in some fields, utterly new lifestyle, working pattern, and social system is here in China.

In this program, when we are learning about the environmental changes in the post-pandemic world, Tsinghua invited United Nations Secretary-general Antonio Guterres to share his ideas on the global environment to us. I couldn’t be offered such an opportunity if I haven’t participated in the China Vision Program. His opinions, such as what the world should do under the current situation, how China behaved as a responsible country, all left a deep impression on me.

I also found my classmates friendly and open-minded. When we are asked to do a poster on how to be effective online learners in just one-day time, all of us are from different regions, I am in the mainland in July, and some of my classmates they are in South America, Italy, South Africa, and Russia. So our time is entirely different, but we all would like to stay up late at night or get up so early in the morning in order to finish our assignment together.

Although the summer school is an online one, we can meet each other through screens; online is an important form to develop exchange opportunity. Perhaps COVID-19 will continue, and some off-site exchange program will be canceled; we can also have this kind of online program. It is a pleasant experience!


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