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Chau Mung Lee, Faculty of Education

Programme: China’s diplomacy and international relation

Partner Institution: Peking University

Period: May 26 – Jun 8, 2019

The program of China diplomacy and international relations was organized by the Peking University. I was excited to join the program as Peking University is a top university in China and that teachers in Peking University would bring different insight in terms of China’s diplomatic policies and international relations.

The program aimed to provide participants more information and perspectives about international relations and China’s diplomacy. Thus, the institute arranged different speakers every day, lecturing very diverse topics including China and global governance, Chinese foreign policy, technology and international politics and so on. One of the most impressive lesson was about tributary system of ancient China. The speaker introduced how ancient China maintain peaceful relations with neighbouring countries. Ancient China received tribute from other countries when she was strong and payed tribute when she was weak. This system is sometimes interpreted as buying peace from other countries. Come back to the contemporary world, modern China is also facing such opinions saying China uses economic trading in exchange for peace. This idea was very new for me. It provided me a different point of view and further broadened my horizons.

During the 2 weeks of time, we had only three hours in classrooms every day as the Peking University arranged various afternoon visits in advance. Those visit opportunities were precious for us. We went to the HKSAR Beijing office to know what kind of support they are providing for Hongkongers in Northern China and listen the sharing of work and study life in Beijing. We also visited a renowned social media company, Sina Weibo. By knowing how they categorize content and access users, I truly understand the reason why this social media is so popular in China. Their user-friendly designs always grasp users’ interests in this platform, for example, the priority of posts or news they recommended to users is not depending on posting time but posting person.


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