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Leung Wing Tung, Faculty of Science

Programme: Forest Ecology and Cultural Study in Northern China

Partner Institution: Northeast Forestry University

Period: July 10 - 19, 2019

This 10 days journey broadened my horizon and enriched my knowledge in China’s culture, history and ecology. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all students, teachers from North-east forestry University and other University in Hong Kong and Macau, together with our passionate tour guide for their generosity and support during this trip. Through the interaction with them and the visit to several tourist spots such as Siberian Tiger Park, Saint Sophia Cathedral and Zhongyang Street, we were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience their enthusiasm and have a taste of their unique delicacies. Throughout this exciting journey, visiting Mao'ershan National Forest Park made a big impression on me.

As its name implied, Mao'ershan looks like a hat in shape. Being surrounded by thousands of trees and climbing up to the top of the mountain allowed us to appreciate the awe-inspiring and breath-taking nature. We also had a glance of Chipmunk and Sika deer which are well-conserved in such an undisturbed environment. Once we reached the peak of the mountain, we stepped on the glass walkway and the magnificent scenery of the city showed before my eyes. Also, teachers from North-east forestry University demonstrated various well-known plant species in Harbin such as Pinus koraiensis and Picea koraiensis in an attempt to teach us how to distinguish them in the wild visually and effectively. With the help of this advantageous and educational experience, my knowledge of the ecology in China is enhanced. Other than academic exchange, accompanying students and teachers from different parts of China during the trip allowed us to embrace their culture and establish a long-lasting friendship. We danced, sang, played games and watched fireworks together at the campfire party to create more special memories and strengthen our relationship. To sum up, not only can this journey ignite my passion to learn more about the ecology of China, but also reinforce my patriotism.


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