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Su Xiaolei, Faculty of Science

Programme: Internship in Zhongshan

Partner Institution: Zhongshan Province

Period: July 10—August 4, 2023

I participated in a four-week summer internship program called "Internship in Zhongshan," organized by the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Zhongshan City. I interned at the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of GangKou Town. During this internship, I gained basic knowledge of how government departments work. My daily routine involved organizing documents and entering information into the system.

In addition to these basic tasks, I visited six construction sites with quality supervisors to check the quality of materials such as rebar and concrete. Furthermore, ensuring that construction work was carried out according to process specifications was also part of the job. I believe this work plays a vital role in protecting the lives of construction workers while also preventing accidents caused by quality problems as much as possible.

Through this internship, I learned that before each large-scale performance or event, the Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) sends relevant personnel to inspect the site to ensure the safety of the participants to the greatest extent possible. I also had the privilege of inspecting the lecture hall of a local elementary school with two colleagues from the MEM, as there would be a presentation in a few days.

In the last two days of the internship, the municipal government held a graduation ceremony for the interns. There was also a sharing session for Hong Kong and Macao youth, which allowed us to learn about their entrepreneurial experiences in Zhongshan. After the ceremony, we participated in some special activities (such as script entertainment/role-playing games) and visited the local cultural museum.

To conclude, during the four-week internship, I learned many useful skills for my career, such as problem-solving and communication. I made many new friends from different cities with diverse cultural backgrounds.


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